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Sundog at Fargo, North Dakota. (Notice the circular halo around the middle)

Sungdogs are a type of phenomena that makes it look like 3 suns in the sky. 2 Small ones and in between 1 large Sun. This was sometimes refered as the apocalypse. However, this is casued by ice crystals in the

apmosphere, Cirrus clouds contain ice crystals.


They form when The Sun's light interacts with ice crystals, these crystals are hexagonal-shaped. When it interacts with sunlight, it bounces off the other diagonal sides of the crystals' shape.


Try preforming it with these ingredients:

Projector Beam, Jam Jar, and a white board.

Place the board standing on a table, turn on the projector beam at it, you will se that it represents the Sun. Put the Jam Jar standing in the way of the light. You will see an image on both sides at about 22 degress.

Sun PIllars/Light PillarsEdit

Sun Pillars are a 2nd type of phenomena that has a stream of light vertically pointing at the sky. It was also thought of the end of the world. 

Sun pillar and kitesurfers

Sun Pillar in San Francisco, California.


Unlike Sundogs, Sun PIllars are formed by horizontal ice crystals. Light reflects of the crystals and casts a light pillar.


Try pereforming with these ingredients:

Horizontal Blinds and 1 Light Source

Put the Light Source behind the blinds, dont close the blinds though. Simply illuminate the Light and you see light on the blinds in the vertical light paths.