Have you seen clouds that you worry of alien invasions? What round clouds showed up after the 2011 Joplin, Missouri twister? This Wiki explains. Move down for the information.

Lenticular CloudsEdit

Lenticular Clouds (lent-tick-you-lar) (from Latin word Lentil) is a cloud that looks like a UFO spinning. The are also thought to be confirmed to be real UFO incidents from early black and white photos. 


They are mostly seen near mountains, when hot air rises above a mountain it cools and condenses into a cloud, if more air comes in it makes layers, making a pancake-shaped cloud.

Punchole CloudsEdit

Punchole Clouds (also known as a fallstreak hole) is another type of UFO cloud but instead of Lenticular Clouds

Punchole Cloud over Austria in August 2008

which is completely cover with cloud white, fallstreak holes have a layer of cloud and a circular part of it has no clouds. This happened in Moscow and more places.

Formation Edit

You need super cold water below freezing but not frozen, when it gets disturbed by anything such as a plane,  it will feeze instantly and falls down. Sometimes you see a tentacle hanging down, that is the ice crystals melting as they fall down.

Mammatus CloudsEdit

Mammatus Clouds (from Latin word mammatus meaning "udder" or "breast") is a cloud that is not fully known information, but belived to have extreme changes in wind derection, temperature, and moisture. 

300px-Mammatus clouds regina sk june 2012

Mammatus Clouds spotted in Regina, Saskatchewan.

These are shaped as spherical balls, and keep their distinctive shape by water and ice it carries. Which the ene

rgy of the apmosphere makes clouds warm, but when it comes to Mammatus Clouds, the water and ice keeps it's shape.

Mother Of Pearl CloudsEdit

300px-Nacreous clouds Antarctica

Mother Of Pearl Clouds over the Antarctic.

Mother Of Pearl Clouds (also known as nacreous clouds or polar stratospheric clouds) is a beautiful cloud with brilliant colors called iridescence. Unlike most clouds which form in a part of the apmosphere known as the Troposphere, nacreous clouds form at the reigon above which is the Stratosphere.


The layer of the lower startosphere is -121 which allows ice crystals to form. 

220px-Polar stratospheric cloud type 2

Type II Mother Of Pearl Clouds.

When the sun is near or below the horizon, it's light reflects onto the icecrystals and shows it's

remarkable iridescence.

Still To ComeEdit


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